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About Me

Brittney is a St. Louis native who has journaled since she was a teenager and has multiple volumes chronicling her life experiences. 

She strives to transform the stigma about women of faith. She applies the word of God to encourage others in a thoughtful, positive and uplifting way.

Always looking for ways to inspire, Brittney decided that sharing her experiences, both good and bad, might be a way to reach those who need to hear what she had to say. She believes that the examples of the strength of her faith when she had nothing else might encourage others to chase their dreams. Her goal is to inspire others to work to be the version of themselves they were created to be.

In 2019, she moved to Houston, TX, to fulfill the calling placed on her life. She has always had a passion to help the homeless and those in impoverished communities and spent many years serving these groups in the St. Louis metropolitan area. In 2020, she launched the Faith over Fear Transition Center, a nonprofit organization looking to seek and save those who are lost. The purpose of the transition center is to bring homeless individuals off the street and help them return to the community and workforce. She plans to take the organization to the national and global stages in an effort to reach more people in cities and countries across the globe. For more information regarding the organization please visit

She has an inspirational podcast on YouTube FOFTC-YTE, which showcases the organization’s involvement in the community. Brittney is also the host of her own show Millennials on the Move geared to showcase entrepreneurship around the globe. She is also the co host on television show Young & Thrivin Entrepreneurs. Both shows have been picked up through over 15,000 media outlets and continues to keep growing. 

Out of all her accomplishments, Brittney is most importantly a devoted mother to her son DeMarion, who she believes will be one of the top basketball guards in the nation. She enjoys spending time with DeMarion and watching him play. Brittney and her son DeMarion co own a clothing brand DM27 Clothing. This brand was designed in honor of her son to motivate everyone to pursue their dreams. Outside of spending time with her son she also enjoys spending time with family, friends, nieces and nephews.

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